Arise by VNP is recognized as a full service Public Relations Company and Speakers Bureau. We are capable of creating and producing advertising medium publicizing, projecting a positive image for each client. We create effective press releases, directing our material to the right sources following through to produce the best results.

Publishing Services – Starting at $3,500.00

*Services are based on how quickly you as a writer progresses. However you can have your book completed for as little as $3,500.00 and within 30 days or less. The price varies based on pages, cover and quantities of books ordered.
*Unmatched Phone Support – Work with a real person
*Author retains 100% ownership and copyright
*Non-exclusive contract
*Author gets to set retail sales price and discount rate
*Author receives 100% of Net Profit (Royalties)
*Supply-On-Demand Book Delivery – No Inventory Required
*Startup supply of printed books
*Volume Book Printing Discount
*Book Formatting
*Print Ready File Conversion
*ISBN# Available

Media planning consists of a comprehensive media plan created for each client based on their area of expertise. We highlight positive media reactions for each individual creating a portfolio for each to achieve notable recognition. All clients under the corporation are connected with projecting positive images to impact individuals lives. Production of video promos, photography, web design/services are available. Contact us with your needs @ arisebyvnp@hotmail.com or 954-724-0900.

Public relations – Arise by VNP & Associates offers a full service public relations department that is experienced in publicizing and creating a positive image for each client. We have support services in place to manage clients who are touring to make sure all accommodations are followed through and acceptable. Services are travel and hotel accommodations, media coverage, etc.

Marketing – Everything that we do as a full service agency flows out of the marketing analysis and overview that we do as the very first step. We have found that the greatest marketing tool is our own knowledge, expertise and intuition built up over many years of experience in the business. We detail our projects to who we are trying to reach, what will interest them, who we are competing with and what we are up against. Then we focus on the right advertising that will get their attention through our media planning department. Marketing fees start at $5000 and up.

Consulting – Consulting/Coaching for permanent transformation is a journey of discovery, determination, growth and results. At times you may not know where to begin in your journey of success. Allow my experience as a Businesswoman & Certified Life Coach help you, see, and feel the changes in your life in measureable terms. Once you discover your “Why” then you can experience a major breakthrough. Consulting packages are available based on your personal needs. Consulting fees start at $2000 and up. Click here to register.

With over 20 years of combined marketing, sales and media expertise my staff and I have the tools to make all our clients a success, allowing us to present the very best the industry has to offer.